Thursday, May 28, 2015

Something Beautiful

Some of the things that I want you to see, it was written...the best place for you to be is with me.
Let us embrace the moment, let's own it
And let us dance under the nightly shade.
Let us engage in laughter, the joy that we've sought after. Striving to find that happily ever after. It's close my dear, the moment is here. This is the time when you can release all your fears. Leave the pain outside and follow my eyes. Get lost in my mind as we go on a ride. Time doesn't move when we're in this groove. 
Two passionate souls under the moon.
We can dance my love, under the heavens above, watch our world shed away to a brand new one. A new design that is faithful and true. A new life to share, a balance of me and you.

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